ready for operation and complete with the necessary ball valve controls and safety equipment
– as an individual accumulator unit or
– in a back-up version with nitrogen bottles to increase the effective vo- lume.
Nitrogen bottles, used as back-up, increase the gas volume inside the accumulator. This means that smaller accumulators can be used for the same gas volume and costs can be reduced.
An accumulator station can be composed of:
– single piston accumulator with support frame and instrumentations
– piston accumulators with nitrogen bottles.
– only bladder accumulators connected together by fluid side with mani-
– bladder accumulators with nitrogen bottles. In this version, the bladder
accumulator must be of AST type (transfer) where the gas side is de- signed especially for connection to nitrogen bottles. Internal diffuser rod prevents damage to the bladder when the accumulator is full of fluid.
– nitrogen bottles alone.
Each accumulation station can be customized according to customer re- quirements/ technical specifications, painting included.
Epe Italiana can provide the complete group with all accessories such as pressure gauges, pressure switches, transducers, as well as safety accessories; all hydraulically connected to pipes in carbon steel or stain- less steel and fittings free from leaks. In addition, all electrical equipment can be wired and connected to the terminal board. For this reason, all the accumulator stations have the order code followed by the specific drawing that incorporates the dimensional drawing, the hydraulic and electric chart and, of course, the list of components and any nameplate. For the selection of the individual components and specifications, please refer to the relevant catalogue.

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