The EPE bladder is made by two different and separable parts.
One is the rubber bladder of which the main feature lies in an original and well developed process that allows the construction in a single piece. The second part is the gas valve assembly that is seal connected on the bladder mechanically. This unique method allows to seal connect on the same bladder different types.

Technical data
THE BLADDER, used in the standard version of the accumulators of all the series offered by EPE, is made in butadiene-acrilnitrile rubber (NBR) with medium-high ACN content which we have denoted “standard nitrile” and distinguished with the letter P. The “P” bladder is above all suitable for use with mineral oils but gives also excellent results with many other liquids. The operating temperature range is between –20 and +80°C. For special requirements, temperatures exceeding the above limits, special liquids, etc. the bladder can be supplied in the following materials: Nitrile for low temperatures (F), Nitrile for hydrocarbons (H), Hydrogenated Ni- trile (K), Butyl (B), Ethylene-propylene (E), Neoprene (N), Epichlorohydrin (Y), Viton (V). See section 1,5.
N.B. Not all the sizes of bladders are available in all the materials. Please consult our Technical Service Department before ordering.
of gas valve assembly.
The two parts, bladder and gas valve assembly, can be ordered separa- tely so when is necessary the replacement of the bladder, it is possible to use again the gas valve assembly saving in this way money on the purchasing price of the spare baldder.

THE GAS VALVE used in the EPE accumulators is made of phosphated carbon steel, in the following three versions:

S= STANDARD. For capacities from 0,2 to 55 litres with inflating valve 5/8” UNF.

This valve can be supplied with Ø B and special inflation connec-

ST = TRANSFER. Suitable for use with the accumulator connected to

one or more additional nitrogen bottles. For capacities from 5 to 55

SL = LIQUID SEPARATOR. It is used when a liquid is also inside the

bladder. For capacities from 0,2 to 55 litres.

UPON REQUEST, all the valves can be supplied with chemical nickel coating 25 μm or 40 μm. (other thickness to be specified) or in stainless steel.